The Best Former Jobs To Prepare You For A Career In Crime Scene Cleanup


It takes a special type of person to get into the crime scene clean-up industry. The most important personality trait of someone who performs crime scene clean-up is to be able to put away their emotions and perform the cleaning required without a reaction. Many people who go into this business have worked in professions that will have prepared them for this type of career. Regardless of whether you have worked in life or death situations or have seen the aftermath of a crime, it takes a certain type of constitution to process and deal with the emotions and biological hazards that come along with cleaning a crime scene. Here are some jobs that could be good preparation for a career in crime scene cleanup.

Former nurses, medical assistants, or medical lab technicians

Anyone who has worked in a hospital setting is used to working around biohazardous materials. They know how to protect themselves from exposure and how to dispose of these items properly.

In addition to working around blood, feces, urine, and other bodily fluids, former medical workers have usually dealt with death and its aftermath. Crime scene cleanup always involves a victim and sometimes includes the biological evidence of death. Individuals who have experience working near and around death may be more likely to handle any emotions that may arise from seeing the physical scene where a crime occurred.

Former Law Enforcement

Anyone with a former career in law enforcement has seen what a messy crime scene looks like after the crime has been committed. Knowing what you are going into and what to expect in this line of work is invaluable.

If you were called to many different types of crime scenes while working in law enforcement, you probably have an idea of what each situation looks like before arriving. This will help you mentally prepare if the scene is particularly graphic.

Former house cleaners and maids

Former professional house cleaners are used to cleaning up messes. You may also know special stain removal techniques or methods. You are used to cleaning an area quickly and efficiently, making you a valuable asset to companies that specialize in crime scene clean-up.

If you decide to pursue a career in crime scene cleanup, just keep in mind that you are performing an invaluable service for your community. It's terrible to expect the victim or their friends or family, to relive the horrific event that occurred by cleaning up the biological matter generated from the crime. For more information, contact Disaster Specialist.


24 February 2015

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