3 Reasons To Have Your Insurance-Related Home Repairs Done By An Insurer-Approved Company


If your home has been damaged in a storm or is otherwise in need of repairs that your homeowners insurance company is going to pay for, you might be thinking about hiring someone locally or even doing some of the work yourself. Although these two ideas can seem like good ones, it's actually usually a better option to have your insurance-related repairs done by a company that is approved by your insurance agency. These are the three main reasons why.

1. Avoid Waiting for Reimbursement

In a lot of cases, homeowners end up paying for the repairs to their homes themselves. Then, they have to submit receipts and other proof to their insurance company and have to wait to be reimbursed for the money that they have spent. This might not seem like a big deal, but it can be. If your home is in need of extensive repairs, the costs can be higher than you think. This can leave you waiting to be reimbursed for a large sum or could leave you unable to pay for the repairs up-front at all. Plus, the task of submitting paperwork and waiting for your insurance agency to get back with you can be stressful. If you work with a company that works directly with your insurance company, however, the insurance company might send the money directly to the repair company, cutting out all of these issues.

2. Avoid a Denied Claim

If you start working on your own home or if you hire someone to do it without consulting your insurance company first, you might have to worry about your claim being denied. Even if an adjuster has come out and agreed that work needs to be done, your insurance company could later disagree with the extent of the repair that you made or the way that the repair was done. This could result in a denied claim. If you work strictly with a company that your insurance agency approves of, there is much less of a chance of this happening.

3. Avoid Future Claim Issues

If you don't have your roof repaired by an approved professional and instead do it yourself or have a handyman do it, you could face problems later on if you need to file a future claim for roof damage. Basically, your insurance agency could say that the roof was not repaired properly the last time and therefore was more at risk of being damaged. You can help eliminate this risk by having all work done on your home by professionals that your insurance company approves of.


19 January 2016

Recovering From Disaster

When I flipped on the news last winter, the last thing I thought that I would see was my own neighborhood. Unfortunately, I discovered that our entire area was directly in the path of a dangerous mudslide. Instead of relaxing and enjoying my normal morning cup of coffee, I found myself scrambling to gather together family heirlooms and emergency clothing. After the mudslide passed through, my home was in shambles. Fortunately, damage contractors helped us to make things right. If you are faced with a dire situation, don't fret. Damage recovery experts can help you to get back to normal sooner than you might think.