Water Damage Issues That Get Worse As Repairs Are Neglected


Issues with water damage in your home often start off small, and then they become serious problems. Therefore, you want to get even the smallest water damaged repaired quickly. Sometimes, this damage may be in areas that you would not think of. The following water damage issues are problems that need to be repaired:

Issues With Water in Bathrooms

The bathroom is an area of your home that is prone to the most problems with water damage. These issues can be due to various causes that go unnoticed, which include:

  • Poor ventilation that causes moisture problems
  • Issues with plumbing that is leaking and causing damage
  • Problems with finishes and caulking that lead to water damage

When you repair the water damage, your foundation may also need to be repaired. This will also prevent future problems with moisture.

Problems With Moisture in Basements

Basements can be another area of your home where the moisture problems start and can also lead to serious structural problems. Some of these issues may include:

  • Cracks in foundation walls causing waterproofing failure
  • Poor ventilation causing moisture to be trapped in the basement
  • Foundation drain systems and sump pump wells leading to water damage

You want to make sure to take care of these problems before there are worse structural problems.

Water Damage That Can Affect Kitchens

The kitchen can also be affected by water damage issues, which are often due to plumbing that needs to be repaired. Some of the plumbing problems in the kitchen that cause damage include:

  • Kitchen sink plumbing causing water damage in cabinets
  • Damaged plumbing lines leaking in walls and cabinets
  • Problems with appliances like refrigerators causing moisture issues

There may be other problems in the kitchen, such as appliances that cause issues with moisture.

Severe Water Damage That Starts at Eaves

There are also problems with severe water damage that can start with your roof. These problems are often due to leaks and worn roofing. The areas of your roof where water damage can go unnoticed include:

  • Poor ventilation causing rot wood to rot in the attic
  • Roof leaks that start small and grow into serious damage
  • Worn shingles at eaves that cause serious water damage to go unnoticed

You will want to have these areas inspected to make sure that there are no problems that need to be repaired.

These water damage issues should be repaired quickly to prevent them from becoming costly. Contact a water damage restoration service for more information. 


23 November 2020

Recovering From Disaster

When I flipped on the news last winter, the last thing I thought that I would see was my own neighborhood. Unfortunately, I discovered that our entire area was directly in the path of a dangerous mudslide. Instead of relaxing and enjoying my normal morning cup of coffee, I found myself scrambling to gather together family heirlooms and emergency clothing. After the mudslide passed through, my home was in shambles. Fortunately, damage contractors helped us to make things right. If you are faced with a dire situation, don't fret. Damage recovery experts can help you to get back to normal sooner than you might think.